Having high diabetic problem

I am overweight and i have never checked my sugar earlier. Now for past 3 days i regularly checked my sugar. day 1 comes fasting 140 evening 2 hours after dinner 276, day 2 fasting 138 evening 2 hours after dinner 204, day 3 fasting 136 ,evening 2 hours after dinner 214. My father was also diabetic. please suggest me diet to control both my glucose and weight. Please help me.

Having high diabetic problem
Family Physician

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  1. Hello Ravi. Welcome to Medimetry. There can be possibilities of both genetic and lifestyle pattern resulting in high blood sugar levels in your case. You can still control the levels with diet and exercise. Follow these guidelines to steady your sugar levels. 1) Eat timely meals. Do not skip any meal. Eat breakfast regularly. 2) Include one protein serving for all meals like dal, sprouts, milk, buttermilk, eggs optional. 3) Avoid eating only starchy foods like rice, potato etc. Let that be just a part of whole meal on occasions. 4) Cut down on simple sugars, refined foods, deep fried foods, bakery foods. 5) Include one portion of fresh fruit with skin and seeds depending on your post prandial sugar levels. 6) Do SMBG i.e self monitoring blood glucose to check levels constantly. 7) Maintain a food diary. 8) Go for light exercises like walking or yoga with abomination yoga asanas to help activate abdominal exercises. To provide a diet plan, I will need other medical and dietary details. Kindly provide me with it so that I can provide you a tailor made diet plan. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries. Thank you.