Having high bp, diabetes and cholesterol.

My mother always suffer from high bp and gastric problem too much because she taking too much medicines of diabetes and bp. What should i do? I already did checkup her last week in fortis there is sometimes swelling on her face and feets to much. I always worried about her. She cant walk properly also her cholesterol level is little high that medicine also we are giving recommended by cardio doctor.


Having high bp, diabetes and cholesterol.
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  1. Hi Mr Singh. Thanks for posting your question at MediMetry.
    I am really sorry to hear about your mother's health status. But I am glad you are looking out for help and I hope this could give you a brief idea.
    Firstly if possible I would like for you to send me a list of her medications n schedule. Also when were the dosages or schedule last changed and was there an improvement or not in her previous health status and now.
    As for the gastritis, your mother can take Tab Ranitidine 150 mg twice a day or Tab Pantoprazole 40mg once in the morning. Kindly check her medications if she s already taking an anti acidity tab , if she is please don't change.
    Also please don't add or remove any other drug without the doctor's suggestion.
    You may consult an endocrinologist if you haven't already done, and ask for reduction in number of pills your mother has to take and or take the pills after food unless advised otherwise.
  2. Regarding the swelling of face and feet, there could be a number of reasons:
    - certain medications for diabetes or BP.
    - peripheral oedema due to high BP and diabetes. Also associated complications may include functional kidney damage may lead to oedema.
    - diabetes causing decreased sensation(Diabetic Neuropathy) in the feet leading to sprains or fractures causing swelling, etc.
    - Increased susceptibility to infections leading to swelling.

    You may help your mom in the following ways:
    - Ask her to atleast 3 times a day to lie down with pillows under her legs or a low stool to bring her legs slightly elevated ie above the heart level.
    -Make sure she get regular exercise. May try physiotherapy.
    - Strict diet. Low sodium a must.
    - She may try compression stockings or consider wearing diabetic footwear. Loose footwear are preferred.
    - Please ask her not to stand or sit in one position for long time, if she has too, tell her to pump her calf muscles.
    - Get her regular leg massages to improve blood circulation in the entire leg.

    However, I would like to stress that at the slightest hint of leg swelling, redness, pain please visit nearest health facility.

    Please reply back if any query.
    Live healthy.