Having headache since 7-8 years .Please advise?

I Am having headache since past 7-8 years at back side of my head. My age is 33/M. It last for 4-5 days and vanishes. I manage it with disprin tablets. I noticed and recorded also that during this period my BP goes up. Today I recorded as: 133/85. Plz advise.

headache at back


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    I have read your query and understand your concerns.

    Headaches causes are several, these are divided in two main groups:

    -1- primary headaches ( migraine, tension type, cluster headaches, ice pick headaches etc.) 

    Primary means that there is no a brain structural cause.

    -2- secondary headaches, or headaches caused by other conditions such high blood pressure, sinusitis, occipital neuralgia, increased intracranial pressure etc.

    Treatment depends on the exact type of headaches.

    Primary headaches are treated with common painkillers, secondary headaches are improved after successful treatment of the underlying causes.

    It is necessary for a detailed information about the headaches such distribution, duration, frequency, worsening and improving factors, other accompanying symptoms and general health condition, in order to identify the type of the headache. Kindly mention your age, height, weight, current blood pressure, get your CBC ESR Xray pns, ophthalmic examination for refractive error done and revert.

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    Plz find the required details as below:
    Distribution- In back side of my head. Increases if I bow down.
    Duration- heavy in day time, light at night. For 4-5 days.
    Frequency - repeats in 2-3 months time.
    No other symptoms. I feel this headache is a symptom of my increased BP.
    Age/Height/weight- 33/5'10"/ 90kg
    Current BP: 133/85
    Opthalmic results: Minus 0.5 for both eyes
    Await solution.
  3. The headache may be because of high blood pressure but usually a blood pressure of 133/85 should not give you headache.
    Kindly get the mentioned tests done and do let me know if you are on any medications for hypertension.