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    Headache could be because of many reasons. kindly answer a few questions to help us understand your condition better :-

    1. Is the head ache : Right sided/ left sided or all over (global)?

    2. Do you have spectacles?

    3. Any associated vision problems?

    4. Any history of migraine/ epilepsy/ DM?

    5. Associated nausea/vomiting/cough/cold/recent URTI?

    6. Any history of sinusitis?

    7. Any history of head injury?Do you have any known allergies?
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    1)Some time right side some time left side.. 2 yes I have, 3 no, 4 no., 5 vomiting cough 6 no, 7 no.
  3. Are you under any treatment?
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  5. As per your answers, I would suggest you to get your CBC, ESR, random blood sugar levels, xray pns done.
    Also get your blood pressure checked and get yourself examined by an ophthalmologist for refractive error.