Having gonorrhea and chlamydia

I have been treating gonorrhea chlamydia 30 DEC to 20th January 2017. All symptoms seemed to disappear after 4 or 5 days. i completed my fully medicine course .

2nd Feb 2017, I masturbated soon after the next day morning i started to notice that the tip of my penis head was really moist inside as if sticky cum (transparent cough) i squeezed the sticky cum coming out ,i cleaned completely dried off and eventually the moistness came back. When iĀ open penis hole, it looks fine but, when squeeze the penis shaft the sticky liquid forms come up on penis hole. I have no discharge, or irritation nor burning urination. The sticky liquid (cough type cum) leaks out only when i squeeze,and open the tip of my penis that it seems to start to form and it doesn’t happen all the time. On some occasions, i get very slight tickling, discharging feel it’s very annoying. Please doctor help me

Having gonorrhea and chlamydia

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  1. hello

    everything seems completely fine to me. what you are describing is normal urethral discharge.

    as you have already taken treatment for gonorrhea and Chlamydia there is nothing to worry about.
    you can stop worrying and proceed with your normal life

    for any further queries please feel free to contact me