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  1. Hi Shushmita. Thanks a lot for posting your query to us at MediMetry.
    First of all I would like to know if you have done any recent blood tests. If not, please do a complete report and do share it with us here at MediMetry.
    Also please do share your age and any self or family history of any heart related diseases, thyroid issues, pressure problems etc.

    Your issues regarding tiredness could have many reasons but your dry skin could only have a few. In combination, with the limited info I have, I would be led to think it could be due to nutritional deficiency.
    In the meanwhile, I would suggest the importance of nutritious food. Please do consume a lot of fresh fruits, diary and green leafy vegetables. If you are a non veg, lean meat especially chicken liver, etc is highly nutritious.
    You may also consume one portion of nuts ( walnuts, almonds, cashew, etc.) as not only does it have high energy calories but also a lot of vitamins and minerals like Zinc which will help in your skin health.
    In addition, you may consider Vitamin B complex with Zinc capsules, calcium, omega 3 capsules or your choice of multivitamin tonic to be taken once a day.
    You may apply skin moisturization after bath or before going to bed.

    Please do write back for any clarifications. We would love to hear the results.
    Live healthy.