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  1. Hi Harshal Malewar,
    Welcome to MediMetry. I can understand your concern
    Dry skin can be due to many reasons.may be you are not using the right moisturizer dear.Apply aveeno moisturizer within three minutes of your bath because some amount of hydration should be present on the skin for the moisturizer to act fully.
    If you want to apply over noon and evenings, take some amount of lotion and add a few drops of water, mix and apply it.
    Please check that the moisturizer has humectants or not. If humectants are present, change the moisturizer with only an emollient content.
    Because, humectants will act only in humid climates and not in dry climates as it will draw water from the body itself in dry climates and make the skin more dry.Use cetaphil cleansing lotion for cleansing.
    Also try these tips for Dry and sensitive Skin .

    1) Get a humidifier - it will put moisture into the air naturally
    2) Eat enough essential fatty acids - natural foods like walnuts, salmon, avocado and a pure high quality fish oil (one that does not contain pollutants) will nourish your skin and your whole body.
    3) Cotton clothing - this is the best choice because the cotton lets the skin breathe properly
    4) Moisturize nightly - gives skin a chance to rest and soak up the moisture
    5) Exercise regularly - when you exercise, the pores of the skin open up and release dirt, toxins, and chemicals, which means you'll enjoy cleaner and clearer skin
    6) Take warm showers and baths - be gentle with your skin and don't use hot water
    7) Drink plenty of clean, pure water - at least 2 litres per day; more if you are exercising or working hard enough to sweat
    8) start using coconut oil before bathing ,avoid soaps during bath use soap only in underarms n groin area