Having dizziness after unprotected intercourse

Hello Doctor,

last night i had unprotected sex with my bf so i took instafree tab. Till now i didn’t get bleeding or anything,But I’m feeling dizziness. please tell me what should I do? suggest me medicines. Should i take another pill??

Having dizziness after unprotected intercourse
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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the query,
    As you have taken a high dose progesterone emergency contraceptive pill like instafree 72 already, the dizziness is due to the progesterone effect and this can be controlled by increasing your daily water intake to 3-4 litres a day which can help decrease progesterone induced dehydration and decrease dizziness. The bleeding post ECP intake is expected only after 7-10 days and hence you should be patient. just increase your water intake and you should feel fine.