Having continous lower back pain

It’s all started yesterday. I was little bent and when i stood straight up, in the right side of my lower back pain. Whenever i bent forward i cannot walk without any kind of support and it is really painful now . Backwards bending is possible for me. So suggest the reasons for it and how it can be solved and whether it can be healed or not. What should I do?


Having continous lower back pain

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  1. Hello Mr Balraj! According to the history, type and area of pain described, such problem can be due to sudden injury to back muscles or to the disc of spine. Chances of such injuries increase with age, bad posture & ergonomics, weak back muscles, heavy weight lifting or prolonged duration of spine movements like sitting, standing, or repetitive forward bending, or in case of already existing or hidden back problems.
    I would suggest you to give rest to your back. Avoid aggravating factors like weight lift, slouching of back, or prolonged sitting. For immediate relief, go for cold application using cold/ice packs or ice cubes on the affected area for 15 min & repeat after every 2 hours for 1-2 days. But in case pain increases due to intolerance, stop using it and apply only anti inflammatory gels. After 2 days, visit to a Physiotherapist and get yourself assessed & treated for the above mentioned causes of this problem (in case if any).

    In case the pain increasenjs and goes to legs, visit an Orthopedician or Physiotherapist immediately.

    I hope I've answered your queries.
    You can message for further queries. Take care.
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    According to me it must be due to repetitive forward bending (my daily exercise) so what can be the solution for it. My age is 19 years old. please help.
  4. Give rest to your back firstly...for pain relief apply ice pack within 48 hrs of injury after that go for heat therapy use heating pad and you can apply pain relief gel over the affected area..Whenever you do exercise always go for warm up and streching first...if you won't get pain relief in two three days consult orthopedician or physical for diagnosis..if pain relieves include back exercises in daily routine
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  6. Get well soon...!