Having cold and cough problem

I often get cold and cough problems. If I didn’t take tablets it takes more days to cure. like it takes one week to get fully cured. But if I take tablets the cold gets cured within two days. Does taking tablet often have any effects or side effects on me in the future. The tablets I take are novamox 250 and sinarest. I take both morning and night after food. And how does the tablet able to cure cold earlier. Whether it will suppress the cold virus or make them excrete out of the body.
Thus I hope you understand my question and I need a relevant answer. Thanking you.

Having cold and cough problem
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    thanks for the query
    well , If you are cold and cough and fever again and again it may be due to the weak immune system or may be you are allergic to the environmental conditiin where you stay
    Avoid cold things in night colddrinks , curd , rice and etc
    you can go for test like CBC to look for your Haemoglobin
    and even you can test your ESR and get your chest xray done to rule out any lung pathology
    As a treatment part take
    Azithromycin tablet 500 mg once in day for 5 days
    continue tablet Sinarest as you are taking
    If having cough then take benadryl syrup
    At home do gargles with salty luke warm water
    well medicines only weaken the virus but its your immune who fight again the virus
    take tablet of multivitamins in your diet daily once for 3 months
    take care