Having chronic back pain .Can’t sleep.

Hello doctor, I am 25 year young girl. I have low back pain problem from 7 years in period time, but now I have regularly pain from 6/7 month. I can not take any heavy things and when I laying on bed I could not turn and feel pain. Please suggest me.


Having chronic back pain .Can’t sleep.

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  1. Hi..have you consulted any orthopedician or gynaec before ..
  2. Firstly avoid lifting heavy weights ,posture of sitting should be correct ..while you lie down bend your knees and do sideward movements of hip so that you will get relax and should not feel much pain..
  3. For pain relief use heating pads two times for 10,minutes ..make habit of exercising especially for back atleast ten repitions each like bridging,straight leg raising,chest extension etc..consult to the nearby physiotherapist for proper assessment and exercise training
  4. Some modalities can be given like short wave diathermy,ultrasound or IFT this pain may be due to nerve compression also,do you have radiating pain to your leg?hope answered your question