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  1. Hi. Thank you for posting your query at MediMetry.
    Normally in people's minds chest pain is heart related. But chest pain can also be present in injuries to muscles, bones, joints, tendons and nerves of the chest wall, diseases of the lungs or food pipe (oesophagus), etc.

    Since your Xray is normal and no problem to lungs, kindly write back to us if you have any heartburn, acidity, nausea.
    Your symptoms may also occur usually after a cold and then slowly fade away.

    As you haven't mentioned any of the above symptoms, in my opinion, on the limited information available, I feel it could be some strain or sprain on the muscles, joints or nerves or a condition called Costochondritis.

    I would like to suggest to you to decrease any stress or strain on the muscles by not carrying heavy objects, in the house or gym. Continue with light exercises but do not over exert or unduly stretch or press the affected area.
    You may apply ice packs over affected area.
    Certain OTC painkillers may be suggested but do not take painkillers over a long duration. Steroids or rarely even surgery may be suggested in a few cases.
    Hope this answers your query. Do write back to us if any more assistance needed.
    Rest well. Live healthy.