Having breathlessness after delivery.

Doctor, I have delivered my baby 4 months ago. Now I am feeling shortness of breath and breathlessness after delivery while lying down supine. I had these symptoms in 7th month of pregnancy. Also my weight is increasing day by day. Tell me if these are the symptoms of heart failure.


Having breathlessness after delivery.
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  1. Thanks for contacting us.Please let me know nature of delivery normal or C section.If cesarean indication.
    Your present body weight.Any abnormal bleeding during or after delivery?Any other associated medical disorder.
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    It ws a normal preterm baby at 37 wks.cs of premature rupture of membrane.
    Instead of this there ws nt any type of complication.
    Bleeding ws normal.
    Lochia stays for abt 25 days.

    Before preg my w8 was 70 kgs that decreases upto 67 kgs in frst trimester.
    Till labour my w8 reached to 72 kgs..

    now my w8 is 74 kgs.
    also my hght is small 5 ft only.
  3. Thanks for your feedback.Let me know your occupation.Since your BMI is on higher side please try to reduce your body weight.Check for breast congestion if any. Take Iron pill like Tab.Fersolate CM or Mumfer XT 1 Tab daily after lunch.
    Please get the following investigations done:-
    1) Blood for Haematocrit values,
    Fasting and PPBS,Lipid
    Profile and Thyroif profile.
    2) ECG and X -Ray Chest PA view

    Avoid heavy work do breathing
    Exercises.Have nutritious diet.
    Please get back to me with the reports.
    Best wishes.