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  1. Thanks for posting your query to us at MediMetry.
    Have you done a complete blood sugar level check up? If not please do so. Also do a complete blood check up.
    If possible could you tell me more about your nails, when it started, if you are currently on any medication, any allergies, etc and if possible do send pictures.

    Alternatively you may even approach a skin care specialist who would after proper examination give a management schedule designed uniquely for you.

    Please do write back.
    Live healthy.
  2. User
    I don't have any allergies.till my childhood my nails are like that only I don't know exactly when happened.
  3. Sure. Please do send the photos.
  4. User
    Dear User, you may whatsapp the photos at +91 8800868744. Please mention the name of Dr. Maria and also quote reference of this question. Thanks !
  5. User
    Mam I send the photo through whatsapp
  6. I would suggest a complete blood check esp sugar levels and meeting a skin care specialist.
    Also please start
    Cap Becosules Zinc everyday morning and night for 20 days every month.