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  1. long have you been facing this problem? Your age and weight?
  2. Did u lift any heavy weights or pushed or pulled any heavy object....
  3. Your symptoms are suggestive of nerve compression in the lower spine that has led to symptoms down the legs too. It may occur due to heavy weight lifting or working for prolonged time in sitting position at one place.
    If you have a desk/computer job u need to modify your work station...keep your laptop at eye level and stand up n stretch yourself evry one or two hours.
    If it is recent then proper rest will help you for sometime.
    You need to see a good physiotherapy clinic, get yourself examined properly and treatment done.
    Till then use hot packs over the painful area and certain more precautions:
    1. Avoid forward bending.
    2.Avoid prolonged standing and sitting at one place.
    3. While you sit at your work table rest your feet over the rail present under the table or use a small stool.
    4.sleep on a firm mattress...should not be too soft.
    5. Never get up straight from the bed always take a side turn and get up.
    6.sleep on your side and keep a cushion between your knees.

    Visit physiotherapy clinic soon and get sjould include
    TENS down the legs, hot packs, U.S over the tender points.
  4. Plz follow above and let me know
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    Thank you doctor. :D
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    Age 28. Height 5'.10". Wt 85kgs. Lifting heavy objects is limited. But i do have to study quite a lot in same position. Also lack of exercise as well due to studies.
  7. Ok...just follow my above mentioned suggestions
  8. As soon as possible
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    Thank you again. Have a great day doc.
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