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  1. Hello! Firstly stop doing these pain aggravating activities.Please tell me since when you started exercising and for how much time duration you exercise.
  2. In case you've suddenly started intensive exercises, then its advisable to stop doing them and when pain subsides, do them with a slow increase in intensity and duration, and not to forget the type of sport you are playing. Consult a Physiotherapist in case of intensive or vigorous sport activity.
  3. Kindly revert with type, duration and detailed area of pain, any history of injury to the site and with the game/exercise data. Also about occupation, which can place stress on arms and shoulders.
  4. Causes. Of pain can be various like muscular or any compression or injury ..for pain relief you can use heating pad ,can go for light massage if you feel muscular pain...Do you feel radiating pain or tingling in your hand...You must go for strengthening exercises for your arm and shoulder once your pain reduces..Don't stop movements for long time in case you feel pain
  5. This may lead to stiffness of joint perform activities with your hand. For exercise you