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  1. hi Prashant
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    acne is due to sebaceous glands hypertrophy, comedone occlusion, epithelial hyperkeratinization and overgrowth of propionibacterium acnes
    acne treatment depends on severity of acne
    acne it not treated properly lead to scars and hyperpigmentation
    if u send me the pics I can guide you better
    u can start with
    ethiglow face wash twice daily
    don't use scrub
    take plenty of water
    take diet rich in vitamin c and E and green leafy vegetables
    protect your face from sunlight
    ezanic(20%) cream to be applied over face in morning
    deriva-BPO gel to be applied over face in night
    apply little amt of cream only.. don't apply around eyes and mouth area
    for pigmentation you can go for chemical peels and Q switched NdYAG laser
    plz let me know if you have any queries