Have pcod and trying for second pregnancy

I have pcod and my husband has low sperm count. I have one daughter of 5 year. it was an ceaserion.  After 3 months of my daughter i had one abortion. Now i am trying for second pregnancy. I have done IUI test and now i am looking forward for IVF. What are the chances of pregnancy in my case. Really worried i want appropriate advice and prescription.


Have pcod and trying for second pregnancy
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  1. Good morning.Thanks for consultation.Are you taking any medicines for PCOS at present?
    Hope you conceived in normal way during first pregnancy.
    In PCOS ovulation does not occur in all cycles for that you need treatments and all sorts of irregularaties might occur in menstruatio stating from amenorrhoea to irregular cycles.
    Check your blood for
    1.Blood sugar
    2.Serum Insulin level
    3.Glycosulated haemoglobin
    4.Serum Testosterone.
    8.Serum Prolactin level.
    For your Husband
    Semen samples to be collected at lab.after abstinance of 3 days at least twice at a gap of 10 to 15 days without using any lubricant and not in condom.
    He can take Tab.Fertomid 25mgm 1 tab daily × 3months along with coenzyme tab 1 daily.
  2. Best of luck.
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    Sir we have done all these things but no result that's way m looking for ivf.. From last three years m on medication.. But all r failed
  5. If you wish you can go for IVF but presumably first time you conceived without any intervention may I suggest you please follow the advice given.To conceive you are to have intercourse round about the time of ovulation which you can find out by using Preg date kit.
    Please let me know the semen report of your hudband mainly count,motility,number of normal and abnormal sperms and pus cells if any.Husbands and yours medical history and occupations of you two.
    Your husband will be benefitted if he takes Nutrilite coenzyme Q10 1Cap daily along with Tab Fertomid 25mg 1tab daily.
    Did you have HSG done recently to exclude tubal blockage and Endometrial Biopsy for evidence of ovulation and exclude other pathology if any.
    IVF doesn't garanty 100% success rate so before proceeding consult a good IVF Specialist.
    My one other advice is to you don't worry or get tensed as these will affect your menstrual cycles and ovulation and delay pregnancy.
    Best wishes.
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    Sir I heard that with icsi in ivf.. There are 7080% chances of conceiving.... Becoz from last 3 years I did all treatments whether homeo allopathic ayurvedic but no result
  7. Good morning.Consult IVF specialist and follow his advice.
    Best of luck.