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  1. Hi Manjiri,thank you for posting your query on Medimetry.
    Most common causes of ear pain would be Wax in the ear canal,Otitis Externa(Inflammation in the skin of outer ear),Otitis media which might be secondary to cold or throat infection(inflammation in the middle ear).
    You may find relief by taking Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen and Antihistaminic-Decongestant combination like Levocetrizine and Phenylephrine if you are suffering from Cold(inflammation in the nose).
    Also don't try to clean your ear by self.Avoid water going inside ear during taking bath.Do steam inhalation and avoid cold food,dust if you are suffering from cold.
    If after taking the above measures,if your symptoms are not improving,then it would be advisable to consult an Otolaryngologist Doctor.
    Hope this answers your question.Get well soon.