Hand tremors lead to difficult writing.

since 2013 I feel a lot of resistance while writing..now tremors also occur in addition to resistance…myopia is worsening..temporal mandibular joint dysfunction leading to dysarthria and slight ataxia.feeling depressed..unable to perform fine manual tasks.

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Family Physician

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    From your description it looks like intentional tremors, it is a neurological issue and the best doctor to consult will be a neurologist.

    A proper clinical examination is needed to confirm the suspicion and you may require additional investigations based on the clinical findings.

    At this time I would suggest you to stop drinking coffee if you do.

    Anxiety can also be a reason, but it is advisable to rule out organic causes so please do consult a neurologist at the earliest.

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    Hope that answers your query, feel free to write back to me if you have any more questions.

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