Hand shakiness due to diabetes.

I have been suffering from diabetes from last 6 years I take medicine to make it in control my today report is 144 fasting, 122pp .I have Blood pressure from last 6 months .From last 1 year I am facing loose motion problem I have done every kind of tests prescribed by doctor,doctor told it is IBS ,no medicine had worked to stop my loose motion problem,now also I am facing loose motion problem since last 1 year now i am facing problem of hand shaking .sir I want to know which medicine I should take to treat my hand shaking problem.

depressed old male

Family Physician

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  1. Good evening and warm welcome to MediMetry.

    First of all, I would suggest you to consult a local endocrinologist with all your blood sugar levels and all the medications that you are currently on OR you may upload the same here as it is very important to know your levels in the past and the medications you are currently on so as to make me understand the whole picture.

    Secondly I suggest you take Tab Neurobion Forte every night before sleep as the Vit B12 will be highly beneficial for your nerves. Please keep a strict watch on your diet and water intake especially on your diet timings. Go for regular walks daily and do yoga and meditation.

    When your hands tremble , practise deep breathing and try diverting your mind to other topics as of now

    Do get back to me personally with your reports.

    Live healthy!