hand shakiness due to diabetes

I have been suffering from diabetes from last 6 years I take medicine to make it in control my todays report is 144 fasting, 122pp .I have Blood pressure from last 6 months .From last 1 year I am facing loose motion problem I have done every kind of tests prescribed by doctor,doctor told it is IBS ,no medicine had worked to stop my loose motion problem, I am facing loose motion problemsince last 1 year now am facing problem of hand shaking .sir I want to know which medicine I should take to treat my hand shaking problem.


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  1. Hello sir,
    Hand tremors and IBS are symptoms of anxiety disorder. You can try duloxetine upto 60mg per day and levosulpuride 50mg twice a day. If tremors increase on doing some work, even propranolol may help. These medicines will be available only on prescription. Hence pls meet a psychiatrist soon and discuss the possibility of these medications.