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  1. Hello,
    Welcome to medimetry!
    Thank you for the query.
    If I was to attribute all your symptoms to one disease, it makes me think of hypothyroidism.
    So I really want you to get your Fasting thyroid profile done and revert.
    Meanwhile I would suggest you the following :-
    1. Eat healthy – eat fruits, vegetables, and a high protein diet
    2. Destress yourself.
    3. Sleep for at least 6-8 hrs a day.
    4. Have an oil massage at least twice a week with coconut oil or any oil of your choice.Condition your hair after shampooing .
    5. Take tab adgain once daily after food for 15 days.
    6. Take liq cremaffin plus 2tsf at night for constipation.
    7. Take plenty of fluids.
    8. Most white lines on nails are harmless and should be of no concern. However, if you have similar lines on many nails or a pair of lines that runs all the way across the nail, these could be an indication of a more serious underlying condition. If you have these types of white lines or if your lines don't go away as your nails grow,let me know about it..
    Hope this helps!
    Take care!!
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    Can you please suggest any medicine for hairs
  3. User
    I took biotin medicine but I got allergy after having it
  4. Tab adgain once daily after food
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    Mam last question does this tablet has any side effect ?
  6. User
    And till how many days I have to continue with this medicine
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    I hope I don't have to be dependent on this medicine forever
  8. No dear, it has no side effects.. You can take it for 15 days and revert..
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    Hello mam I m going for blood test
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  12. So get your CBC and fasting thyroid profile done and let me know the reports.
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    Okay mam
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    Mama if I will eat dates or khajur will my weight increase
  15. User
    I was suggested to eat dates
  16. Yes, it causes weight gain..
  17. User
    Any alternate option
  18. What is the purpose?
  19. User
    For blood improvement and iron source
  20.  Here are some foods that are rich sources of iron: Green leafy vegetables such as amaranth (chauli), bengal gram leaves, cauliflower greens, turnip leaves (shalgam ka sag), mint leaves (pudina), and radish leaves (mooli patta).
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    I am not able to take protein can u suggest any protein powder
  22. User
    Which doesn't cause any weight gain
  23. You can take powder Protinex 1 scoop twice a day along with milk
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    Hope it won't cause weight gain ?
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    Hello mam I went to doc she recommend test for. I don't have thyroid luckily but I have having vitamin d deficiency and polycyst
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    Polycyst ovary
  27. So take vitamin D supplements and aim to reduce your weight
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  29. Take care!
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    Mam I have been suggested this prescription from my family doctor for vitamin d deficiency

    Capsule dvion 60k every Monday
    Tablet caltuf
    Injections methycobal
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    I want to know should I take tab adgain?
  32. User
    Or those medicines are enough
  33. You can start tab adgain after completing the prescribed medications.
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    Mam for white hairs will adgain
  35. User
  36. User
    And for how many days or months should I take this medicine to completely stop my grey hairs
  37. Take it for a month.
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  39. Take care!!
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    My periods are not coming is it the side effect of taking vitamin d injections
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    By 9th I should have my periods
  42. Vitamin D affect on periods is not known.
  43. User
    Any solution ?
  44. Any other cause you can attribute for delayed period like unprotected sex.
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    Mam I m getting break out due to adgain
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    That's y I got pimple on my face and chest please help or suggest other hair growth and grey hair pills
  47. Adgain does not cause pimples..
    You can safely continue it.
    You can apply adaple c gel over pimples twice a day.