Hairfall and hair thickness problem

Hi Doctor, My hairs was silky and also healthy. But now hair thickness is reduced and my hairs are very light and have continues hairfall. So, please help me because I am a student and can’t afford any expensive treatment.

Hairfall and hair thickness problem

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  1. Hello Deepak,

    Welcome to MediMetry, I can certainly understand your concerns.

    you can follow all this to stop hair fall -
    1. Egg mask is one of the most effective home remedies for dull hair. Crack open two eggs, eliminate the yolk and apply the egg white mask to your hair. Leave it on for 15 minutes.
    2. The combination of egg, honey and olive oil makes this remedy one of the potent natural hair conditioners for dry hair.
    3. Aloe Vera is simply perfect to fight anything related to body and hair, naturally. It is used to cleanse pores and balance your pH levels.Take two tablespoons of your shampoo in a bowl. Add one tablespoon of aloe vera gel, coconut milk and ½ teaspoon of wheat germ. Mix it together and shampoo your hair with it.
    4. Drink water as much as you can.
    5. Olive oil will add body to your hair. Plus, it will help soften and strengthen your tresses.
    6. Mix one tablespoon of Indian gooseberry or amla powder in two tablespoon of coconut oil and heat until boiling. Strain the oil and massage it onto your scalp before going to bed. The next morning, shampoo your hair as usual. DO this on weekly basis.
    7. Massaging your scalp regularly with cold-pressed castor oil is one of the easiest ways to get thicker hair naturally.
    8. Avocado can also be used to get thicker hair as it moisturizes and adds body to your hair. Plus, the vitamin E in this fruit contributes to the overall health of the hair shaft.