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    It is very normal for around 100 hairs to fall each day. We do not notice this because all of those do not fall at once.
    Second of all, I would like to ask you whether is it hereditary on your maternal and paternal side? It is called androgenic hair loss.
    Diet should be regular with lot of greens and milk. Eat a good amount of protein as this should reduce the rate of hair fall and also provide a good body to your thinning hair.
    Hair is precious and do not play with it by trying out new brands with overwhelming claims. Stick to a gentle daily cleanser, medicated products is much more quality assured than fancy brands in market. Hence, I suggest you to use products like Kerawash shampoo and a good conditioner.
    Washing your hair at least three to four times a week is mandatory.
    .Any medication beyond a particular time period will cause side effect. So, stop using it if the desired result has been achieved. If not then treat the dandruff first.

    Maintain a good hygiene wherein you wash your pillow cover every four to five days in summer and seven to eight days in winter. Because the germs causing dandruff can be inside the pillow cover and after you shampoo and clean your hair, it can come and sit there again when you sleep so the treatment has got no effect overall.
    If it is a hormonal problem, then we need to start the medicine as soon as possible so that to control the effect of hormones on your hair.
    Once desired control is achieved over a period of two months then we can shift the focus on regrowing the lost hair and cover the bald patches.
    Send me some clear pictures of your scalp of different parts and we can start treatment as soon as possible.