Hair receding

Hi doctor, My hair receding from both sides. I masturbate four times in week before but now i had do once in a month. Does masturbation is the reason for my baldness. My mother’s father is bald so, does my baldness came from hereditary. Can i get thick hair by treatment?

Hair receding

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    masturbation doesn't have any role in baldness
    yes.. baldness is hereditary
    you are suffering from male patterned baldness
    treatment depends upon grade of baldness
    yes you can get thick hair..but I need to see the pics of your hair pattern
    treatment is both medical and surgical
    you can start with
    hair4 sure.apply 1 ml twice daily..keep over scalp for 2 hrs atleast
    cap revilus 1 cap daily*1 month
    surgical treatment includes platelet rich plasma injection ,hair stem cell therapy, hair transplantation
    please let me know if you have any queries