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  1. Hi Harish
    welcome to medimetry
    thanks for the query
    hair follicle follow cell cycle too with anagen,catagen,telogen,Exogen and katagen phases
    around 100 hair lost /day is normal for which no treatment is required
    but if you exceed this number you need to start treatment as soon as possible
    hair fall may be due to telogen effluvium, androgenitic alopecia, alopecia areata, anagen effluvium, ciacatricial alopecia and many more
    let me know the answers of following question to know more abt your problem
    is hair fall sudden or gradual?
    are you on certain medications?
    did you suffered from any major illness or surgeries 6 months before start of this problem?
    does any one in your family suffering from the same problem?
    kindly send me the pics too
    tab folligain 1 tab daily after breakfast in morning*3weeks
    take diet rich in vitamin and green leafy vegetables and protein and biotin
    avoid stress
    plz revert back to me with the pics And answers to help you better
    hoping this may help you