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    I explain everything about hair loss in point wise manner
    1. 100-150 hair fall every day is very normal. So should be consider hair fall if number of hair more than this.
    2. Generalized hair fall in female is mostly due to stress, poor sleep, poor nutrition and excessive blood loss due to menstruation
    3. Stress alopecia is also common in which female keeps their hair very tight in certain manner which creates tension in root and cause hair fall.
    4. Straightening and other procedure also cause weakness of root
    5. Other condition like fever, ptyphoid, maleria, thyroid, etc also cause hair fall( less common)
    1. Have good sleep. food., green vegetables , fruits
    2. Take iron and multivitamines like follihair atleast 3 month.
    3. Check you blood hemoglobine if it is less iron and folic acid supplements should start.
    4. Check thyroid and diabetes to rule out other cause.
    For rough hair you can have a haircut and trimming of hair