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  1. Hi
    welcome to medimetry
    what's age of your sister?
    it will be better if u send me the pics so that I can interpret better?
    whether she is taking any medication?
    any major illness or surgeries in past 6 months?
    whether there is gradual thinning of hairs or frontal hair parting have increased?
    is she pregnant or lactating?
    As there various causes for hairfall such as Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS),Alopecia Areata,Scalp Infections, usage of Birth Control Pills,Poor Diet,Hair Styling,had previous cancer treatment,Stress, Genetics
    I advice
    following investigations-serum ferritin,Hb,TSH levels
    u can start with
    can revilus 1 cap daily in morning after food
    hair serum containing peptides- apply 2 ml in morning
    this will nourish your hair
    take diet rich in protein,biotin and green leafy vegetables
    plz be free to ask any further queries.i ll be happy to help you