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  1. hi
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    there are various causes of hair fall and grey hairs like nutritional deficiencies,stress,past surgeries, chronic illness,post partum period,poly cystic ovarian syndrome and many others
    so it will be better if u send me the pics to interpret better
    hair fall is gradual or sudden?
    there is frontal parting of hairs?
    r u on any other medications?
    any chronic illness or surgeries in past 6 months?
    I advice
    take diet rich in calcium,biotin and zinc
    start tab follihair 1 Tab daily in morning with food * 1 month
    for grey hairs- it is called premature vanities
    start Q SERA black lotion to be applied over hairs in night 2 hrs prior to sleep
    tab PABA-tab 1 tab twice daily with food * 1 month
    please let me know if you have any queries. I ll be happy to help you