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  1. hi
    welcome to medimetry
    you are quite young to suffer from hair fall
    do u apply artificial hair products?
    does your father or uncle have frontal hair loss?
    do you suffered from any major illness or surgeries in past 6 months?
    are you taking any oral medicaments?
    I will like to see the pics of hair so that I can interpret whether it is patterned hair loss or telogen effluvium.. treatment will depend on the daignosis
    for dandruff.Meanwhile shampoo your hair thrice weekly..
    keep your scalp clean
    Do oiling of scalp for only 30 min.. don't keep it will increase dandruff
    Apply keragloAD shampoo thrice weekly keep it for 5 min over your scalp at least
    zydip lotion to be applied at night *3 weeks
    review with the pics of your hair so that you can start the treatment earliest
    plz be free to contact me for any queries