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  1. Hello...which side of knee is it? Did u meet with an accident or fall? )when did this happen? Is it bleeding, any type of wound, swelling redness over the area?
  2. It must be an MRI not x-ray...xray never shows any tear...please specify and elaborate your condition
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    Right side and I meet with fall during playing football.. 2 months ago no swelling some times problem in running ....
  4. You need to work more upon strengthening and flexibility of knee joint muscles...if pain is there do apply cold packs.
    These include:
    Jogging for warming up 5 min.
    Lunges..forward and sideways 10 reps
    Squatts...semi squatts 10 reps

    Some isometrics:
    Put a towel roll below your knee and press it and hold for 10 counts....repeat for atleast 10 times.

    Put the towel roll below your heel and press and hold...repeat for 10 times atleast.

    Also you need to work upon your balance and joint position sense.

    Since i dont know the exact movements that trouble you....this is what you should follow.
    For any further query ur welcome.

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    Which type of medicine should I take..and reports says internal swelling ... How much time to be perfect
  6. Time depends upon the kind of exercise regimen u has to be correct and regular.
    For medicine u can consult your orthopaedician...
  7. But only exercises will get u back to sports or running