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  1. Hi.are you married if so get Seminological investigation done after 3days of abstinance and specimen to given at the laboratory itself don't collect it at home.What medicine you took for your treatment let me know.
    Good luck.
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    Sir I am unmarried and presently I am taking COQ fort
  3. Pl.get blood examination done for Haematcrit values.Absolute eosinophil count.Thyroid profile.
    If possible Sucrose level in semen.Where from you developed epdidymitis was it Filarial,following Mumps or due to other reason and what treatment you received for that you have not mentioned.Pl.let me know your occupation.
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  4. Cosult a surgeon after USG OF SCROTUM and get a Vasogram and testcular biopsy done he will advice after the investgations accordingly
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