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    I can understand your concern and you are facing polymenorrhea.

    The causes of polymenorrhea overlap with many of the causes of abnormal uterine bleeding or those of  irregular periods. Common, simple causes  include stress, excessive exercise, medications or perimenopause. More serious causes include diseases of the pelvic organs especially those with hormonal disturbances like polycystic ovarian disease.

    There is no specific treatment directed at increasing the cycle length to stop  polymenorrhea. The main treatment is correcting the underlying condition whenever  possible. Treatment should not be attempted at home without proper medical evaluation to know  the precise underlying cause

    Some specific cause-directed  therapies include oral contraceptive pills, medication adjustments, lifestyle changes such as exercise reduction, stress management, proper weight and others.

    Hence I would suggest you to get your complete blood work up and ultrasound abdopelvis done and revert so that I may guide you further.