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  1. Hi Ajay. Thanks for your query to us at MediMetry.

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you for taking the first step towards anger control ie knowing you have the issue and seeking help. This is the most difficult step and I applaud you for your efforts!

    Anger is a response for a frustrating or stressful event. However lashing out at others, violence, inability to control oneself, etc can only lead to problems in your career and relationships, and your own wellbeing and should be meticulously managed.

    I would like you to look up online for some anger management courses, if not for meeting up with a behavioural therapist since anger responses are usually nutured from childhood. This behavioural therapist will choose the best management suited uniquely to you and please ensure regular followup.

    In the meanwhile, here are a few tips which may help you:
    - Take a time out. When you start feeling angry, excuse yourself from the situation and quickly move away. You don't have to prove a point at the cost of your physical and mental well being.
    - Acknowledge to the other person you have an anger problem and try to calm down by either counting to ten or twenty and taking in deep long breaths and slowly ie exhaling over a long time.
    - Try to think before you speak or calm down before you speak. Jot down why and what makes you angry and try to avoid those triggers. You may speak with your family and friends regarding this.
    - Good nutritious food, plenty of exercise daily and good night s sleep goes an extra mile towards your goal.
    - Never hold a grudge or try to seek revenge. Just know the universe takes care and what goes around comes around. Just focus on helping more people.
    - Lighten up and use humor to diffuse any tense or angry situations. You will have to practise this daily. You may consider watching funny clips or reading funny jokes.
    - Volunteer to trying helping in organisations where people are less fortunate than you.

    Please write back to us with any further clarification.
    Do tell us about your journey so that others may get inspired by you too.

    Live healthy.