Generally percentage of urine is low and red color urine

Last two year before l felt paint at my lower part of stomach and then I took some medicine like cytrol, cyston. Then through my urinal pipe I got small size of stone came along with urine. Generally percentage of urine is low and red color urine. In my family I am the person suffer from this disease.

Generally percentage of urine is low and red color urine
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    You have not mentioned the size of the stones, but yes, if stones are smaller than 5-6mm, they can be passed in most patients, though some patients do experience pain and discomfort when the stones move down the hollow tube called the ureters.
    Stones larger than 10mm will have significant difficulty in spontaneous expulsion, while those between 6-10mm could pass, but would depend on other factors such as any anatomical obstruction, infection, nature of stone.
    Again, if stones are located in the lower pole of kidneys, they are less likely to pass than say, a stone located in the upper pole, and this is due to a combination of factors such as gravity and posture and internal kidney anatomy.
    A stone which has been impacted to the interior of kidneys and the ureters will have more problem in coming out, and if an imaging procedure has detected that the affected kidney is significantly swollen, it is not a great idea to wait too long for it to be spontaneously expelled.
    Hope I have been able to answer your question.