Gave birth to stillborn baby. Why did that happen?

Hello, my blood group is O negative and my husband is having positive blood group.

I delivered baby boy on 20 march 2015 but unfortunately he was stillborn or died and

we do not understand why did that happen. I was admitted on 18 march (due date) and

labour did not start so Doctor gave one injection and in 18 night on 19 morning doctor

gave tab into vagina ( 6 tab given from 19 morning to 19 night) but pain was not high so

doctor suggested for cesarean on 20 morning and after my operation on 3 pm,

stillborn baby boy was born. Pls suggest why did this happen.


Gave birth to stillborn baby. Why did that happen?
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  1. Hello Dear,

    Thank you for writing to us at MediMetry.
    There can be many reasons during labour or abnormalities in baby leading to this unfortunate event as per your history.
    Rh incompatibility usually does not affect first pregnancy unless there is history of trauma or bleeding during pregnancy or history of blood transfusion in past. Chances of incompatibility are there in subsequent pregnancy when ICT becomes positive and titres are high.

    I would suggest you to consult a specialist and plan your next pregnancy. Get your ICT done regularly during pregnancy along with ruling out any associated high risk factors. Monitoring during next pregnancy should be good and should not go beyond your due date.
    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back to us with follow-up questions.
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