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  1. Hi Mr. Sahdev. Thanks for posting your query on MediMetry.
    Gas in the stomach can have many causes. Only upon proper examination a specific treatment may be provided.
    In the meanwhile, you may follow the following generalised treatment methods:
    - Keep proper schedule/timing for intake of meals.
    - Don't eat fast. Chew your food slowly. Don't drink carbonated water on empty stomach or during food. Don't use a straw to drink fluids.
    - Avoid foods that cause gas like milk and milk products, grams like chana, rajma, etc. certain fruits and vegetables. You will have to write down what foods cause you gas and avoid them.
    - Avoid alcohol, spicy food, chewing gum and smoking. As far as possible avoid artificial sugar also.
    - If you suffer from acidity, you may take Rantac 150mg, three times a day, 20min before breakfast lunch and dinner for a week and see if any difference is there.

    Please do write back to us.
    Live healthy.