How to gain weight?

hello doctor, I am amardeep  and I am 25 years old. My height is 6 feet and 2 inches. My weight is 69 kg. I feel very low every time and I want to gain weight in few days. please suggest me supplements or medicines for quick weight gain.


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  1. Hello Amardeep. Welcome to Medimetry. Your body weight seems perfect for your height. Get your body composition checked. If you feeling low, then a low muscle mass could be one of the reasons for that. You can take whey supplements like ON or Vengain supplement which are good for gaining muscle mass. We need to look out for the right cause. So be sure you rule out any medical possibility such as Hyperthyroidism,diabetes and ensure a correct fat and muscle composition. Rest include energy rich foods like fruits, cereals, teaspoon of jaggery etc to keep yourself energetic throughout. Kindly get back to me for a detailed diet plan over phone or text so that we can help you solve your problem. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries.