Fungal infection in jock area.

Hello sir, I am having the fungal infection, itching and burning in jock area, I rubbed it and its mark remain so dark from the penis to thighs. Itching is from last two weeks. I used ring guard and candid dusting powder, but not result.


Fungal infection in jock area.

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  1. hi
    welcome to medimetry
    you are suffering from fungal infection called as tinea corporis cruris
    stop using ringgaurd or itchgaurd..they will help in spreading infection deeper
    maintain good hygiene
    keep area dry
    wear light coloured pants,avoid jeans
    see if any family member is suffering from same disease
    start with
    tab tyza(250mg) 1 tab in morning after food*3 weeks
    tab levosiz(5mg) 1 tab in night after dinner *10 days
    onabet cream to be applied over affected area twice daily
    onabet dusting powder to be spread over affected area at night
    please let me know if you have any queries. I will be happy to help you