Frozen shoulder – Dislocated shoulder bone while doing excercise

Frozen shoulder – On 23rd july while doing shoulder exercise in gym (overhead press) I dislocated my shoulder bone but it got back to its original position in 30 mins. So I need suggestions
1.Do I need to do MRI?
2.what exercise should I do for recover? much time it will take to recover?



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  1. Give some details like how it get back to original position you have this problem ever before? Frozen shoulder and dislocation are different problem...
  2. User
    It was dislocated in gym and I lost my consciousness. My gym trainer told me to keep my elbow close to the body and after 10-15 minutes it got bqvk to its original position.

    No it never happen before
  3. OK frozen shoulder is different problem which occurs due to prolonged restricted movement mostly occur due to diabetes etc... In your case its joint stiffness as I can judge for this you need few physiotherapy sessions which include ultrasound and passive mobilisations along with some exercises which increase your range of motion