Frequent Blue spots and pocks on body

My wifes age is 30 yrs. She has a tendency of developing blue spots across her body whenever she get hit by something even negligible.There appear some frequent Blue spots and pocks on body. In one of the recent test her iron level was 56 micro g/dl. What might be the problem here?

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    Bruising is an area of discolored skin that develops when the lining of small blood vessels is damaged and blood leaks out of the blood vessels into the tissues of the skin.

    Due to this blood leaking, it appear deep red in color.

    Common causes for this easy bleeding are

    1) Trauma

    2) Elder Age

    3) Nutritional deficiencies, such as deficiency in vitamins C

    4) Blood disorders

    5) Medications, such as blood thinners

    As we age, will bruise more easily because-

    1) The layer of protective fat just under the skin becomes thinner.

    2) The small blood vessels also become more fragile and are more easily damaged.

    I would suggest you to get Complete blood count including platelets, Peripheral smear, Bleeding time, Clotting time, PT/APTT INR and Liver function tests to look for the underlying cause in consultation with your doctor.


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    Thanks a lot Doctor for the answer. Does the iron level of 56 micro g/dl alarmingly low ? Doctor hasn't given any pills for iron deficiency and have asked to increase intake of green vegetables.
  3. Yes, its not very low and green vegetables can make up the deficiency.