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  1. Thanks for posting your query to us at MediMetry.
    Since fibula, as you rightly said, is a majorly non weight bearing bone, hairline fractures don't need to be supported by cast. Healing takes around 2 months or so depending on several factors.

    But is there any swelling, any associated fractures, etc? Do let me know your age and if you are presently on any medications.

    Please remember, ice, cold, elevation. It will help you heal faster.

    Live healthy.
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    First swelling was there but the doc had put the cast for me in plantar flexion and am not able to walk can k change the cast make my foot does flexed so tht i can walk
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    My age is 19 and am presently on painkillers
  4. User
    And I need to go to college so can I walk a little
  5. Please do take rest and avoid any strain or exertion on the injured limb.
    Let it heal