Giving formula feed to my 20 days old son, is it harmful?

Hi my son is 20 days old. I was not having any breast milk for first few days so I fed my baby on formula feed but now after medication I can produce 7-8 Oz milk a day but I still have to give him formula milk, because I can’t produce more. My baby doesn’t look satisfied with that much. Is formula milk harmful? How can I increase my milk supply instantly?


Giving formula feed to my 20 days old son, is it harmful?

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    Answer to your first ques: Is formula feed harmful?
    The best feed for a baby is breast milk for first 6 months. But after 6 months and in mothers who have inadequate milk supply, the second best to breast feed is formula milk. Cow's milk or any other animal milk is not suitable for babies less than 1 year. Only negative about formula milk is that if it is not given hygienically or improper dilutions are prepared than it may have harmful effects like poor growth, diarrhea/vomiting, infections etc. So if you take care of the dilution and maintain good hygiene then formula milk should not be harmful.

    Answer to your second ques: How to increase milk supply?
    The more you feed your baby, the more milk your body will produce, as per nature's rule of demand and supply. If demand is less then automatically breast milk supply will decrease and ultimately stop.
    If you are exclusively breast feeding, here are things you can try to ensure sufficient production of breast milk:
    1. Take lots of fluids at least 2-3 litres
    2. De-stress yourself
    3. Proper sleep and physical activity
    4. Keep yourself motivated to breast feed as this nature's best gift to a mother
    5. Learn and educate yourself about proper breast feeding position and latching of baby
    6. Continue you iron and calcium supplements for at least 6 months or as advised by obstetrician
    7. Consult your doctor if there any breast related issues like pain, cracked nipples or breast engorgement because these all may hamper breast milk supply
    Even with all the things has been addressed then trying one week therapy of metoclopramide may help you. Consult your doctor about it. Even that not help then formula milk will only be the option for feeding.

    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back with follow-up questions.
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