First trimester ears clogged. Please suggest.

I am 9 weeks pregnant and suffering from huge mucus problem and ears clogged. Also i’m not able to taste and smell from past 3 weeks. Is it normal? I’m allergic to brufin, aspirin, amoxicillin and ceftum. So doctors are not suggesting medicines.


First trimester ears clogged. Please suggest.
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  1. Thanks for writing to us at should consult ENT specialist soon and you should inform them that you are pregnant.You will get medication which is safe in pregnancy .Show your prescription to your Obstetrician also.
  2. Your ENT specialist can prescribe you local medicine or tablet /injections but you should be sure that all medication is safe for your baby.You should consult to your Obstetrician also regarding your treatment plan.Don't forget to ask precautions so this problem should not recur in future. Till then all the best.