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  1. Thanks for consultation.Symtomatic fibroid require treatment.Let me know the size and number of tumors and position your age and number of children.
    Nature of treatment will depend on the above.Pl.update me on the above.
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    Age 42 , 30 mm ,3 children and 1 tumor.
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    Size of tumor 30 mm..!
  4. Thanks.Since you are approaching menopause it is expected to reduce in size automatically.Please get your blood examined for Thyroid profile and PPBS.I don't think this little fibroid is causing you bleeding.
    Consult a Gynaecologist and take his opinion.You must have a Hysteroscopy AND Fractional curettage of uterus done to exclude other pathology.
    In the meantime you can take Tab.Medroxyprogesterone 10mgm daily x3months which will help regressing the tumour and will cause amenorrhoea( stoppage of period).But if you foget taking the pill withdrawal bleeding( break through bleeding) will occur.
    Best wishes.
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    Symptoms of menopause and age
  6. Good evening.There is no fixed age of menopause.In Western country it occurs between 45 to 55yrs average is 51yrs.In Indian women it occurs at an earlier age average is 44yrs.However there are number of cases where menopause occurred at 30yrs (Premature menopause).
    Symptoms of premenopause or menopause not necedsarily occurs in all women.
    Usually the symptoms are hot flushes, sweating . mood swing.irritabilty.Palpitation, headache.adiposity.bone loss.loss of sexual urge.etc.
    Good wishes
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    What is solution
  8. Let me know for what you need the solution for fibroid or for menopausal symptoms?
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    Treatment without surgery is possible
  10. Yes it is possible.There are medicines for that but you have to consult a Gynaecologist and only after due examination carefully excluding other causes he can prescribe that.
    Good wishes.
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    Thank you doctor
  12. You are welcome.