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  1. Hi. Thanks for posting your question on MediMetry.
    I would suggest you please be taken to the nearest health centre right away.
    Please consider Crocin only after consultation with the doctor nearest to you.
    Please keep yourself hydrated with ORS. You may take a mouth dissolve anti emetic for your vomiting, which you do not have to swallow but have to place under your tongue.
    For the fever, right now you may now consider cold water compresses ie towel dipped in cold water and apply to your head and body.
    For the headache, you may consider quiet environment or if you are going to the doctor, please consider black goggles and earphones or cotton plugs in ears to block excess light and sound.
    It could be a mild case of food poisoning to something severe like a heart condition or meningitis, which can only be determined by a complete examination, so please go to the nearest health centre for a complete check up.

    Please do write back to us or ask a friend on your behalf to let us know your health status.
    Live healthy.