Fever, running nose, throat pain

Started with dry throat pain one week back. Then running nose yesterday-took 2 incid L.
Morning 5am fever with shivering – took 1 crocin.
Now full body pain & fever- took 2nd crocin.
I had a night work in office today till 5am so total sleeping hour approx 4hrs. Now need to travel from pune to Mumbai. Pls suggest


Family Physician

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  1. Hello,
    Welcome to medimetry.
    Thanks for the query.

    I can very well understand what you are going through and it seems you have upper respiratory tract infection.
    I would suggest you to take tab sinarest twice a day after food for 3 days.
    You might also need antibiotics like tab azee 500mg once daily before food for a total of 5 days.
    You can get it prescribed by your physician.
    You must avoid travelling and take proper rest, have plenty of fluids and eat well.
    Hope this helps.
    Take care!!