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    Not all pregnant women need an echocardiogram. For most women, a basic ultrasound will show that all four chambers of the baby’s heart have developed. However, your obstetrician may recommend you to have this procedure if previous ultrasounds or tests detected an abnormal heartbeat or other potential heart problems in the unborn baby.

    You might also have been prescribed this test if:
    - Your baby is at risk for a heart abnormality or congenital (present at birth) disorder, or
    - You have a family history of heart disease or
    - You already have a child with a heart condition or
    - You have used drugs or alcohol during your pregnancy or
    - You have taken certain medications or been exposed to medications that can cause heart defects, such as those for epilepsy or prescription acne drugs or
    - You have other medical conditions, including rubella, type 1 diabetes, lupus, or phenylketonuria—an inability to break down an important amino acid called phenylalanine

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