Feeling morning nausea and dyspepsia

Hello Doctor,  From long time i am feeling morning nausea, full of abdomen, dyspepsia, and bad breath. Remain 24 hours distended abdomen. Dr.Adv. CBC, LIPID PROFILE, BGF, KFT, LFT, USG. But everything is normal. Only USG shows grade 2 liver. Rx taken pantoprazole with domperidone, rabeprazole with levosulpiride etc. But nothing put relief. What is best treatment?



Feeling morning nausea and dyspepsia
Family Physician

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  1. Hi. Thanks for posting your query to us at MediMetry.
    I have read your query in detail and will try to help you in the best way I can.
    Since you are of such a young age, instead of medications I would like to suggest the following lifestyle changes:
    - Have 5 to 6 small meals spaced throughout the day. Do not have heavy meals. Eat your meals at regular timings. And do not sleep for at least one hour after meals.
    - Avoid oily, fatty, spicy meals. Avoid alcohol and smoking. Have lots of veggies and fruits and fibers.
    - Avoid rotis, chana, milk products or any foods that cause gas in you. Keep a note of such foods and stay away.
    - Regular exercise is a must. Practise yoga.
    - Sleep well.
    - Drink lots of water ie at least 8 big glasses a day.
    - Do not take any medications on empty stomach unless specified.
    - Take one albendazole tablet every three to four months.

    For the time being, continue with pantoprazole.

    Live healthy!
  2. User
    Thank you sir.i will try that for good convincing
  3. You are most welcome!
    Live healthy!